Three Layer Smoothie: Raspberry. Mango. Spinach

Photo 29-05-2014 9 29 43 am

I love the way layered smoothies look, they’re so pretty. Making them does however create a large amount of dishes…totally worth it if you ask me!


3 x Bananas
2/3 cup Mango
2/3 cup of Raspberries
100 grams of Spinach
2 Cups of water


– Put 3 x bananas and water in the blender and blend.
– Evenly separate the contents of the blender into 3 separate glasses/bowls or what ever you want to use (make sure the top of your glass is big enough to fit a spoon into it).
– Place 1/3 of the mixture back into the blender with the mango and blend. Put the contents back into your glass.
– Place another 1/3 of the mixture into the blender and add the raspberries. once this is blended place into a separate glass
– Then place the final 1/3 of the mixture in the blender and add the spinach…blend. Place in a separate glass. So you should have 3 separate glasses of smoothies.
– Now place the thickest layer in the bottom of a big glass or jar. With the next thickest layer, get a spoon and spoon the smoothie into your jar containing the thickest layer, making sure to run the smoothie down the sides of the jar.
– Flowing the same method of spooning the smoothie down the side of the jar, add the final layer.
– Top with your favorite fruit or enjoy as is 🙂


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